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​Our Veterinarians



     Dr. Justin Smith & Dr. Jody Roderick opened Greenfield Animal Hospital on December 15, 1997. We chose the name Greenfield for its connection to our valley’s history. Our opening day ceremony with the Mayor and Chamber of Commerce was cut short by our first patient after the little dog ate his owner’s lunch and heart medication. After saving the little dog’s life, Greenfield Animal Hospital was on a roll! 24 years later we love our careers as much as we did on that first day! We care for dogs, cats, and horses, plus help with the 4-H and FFA project animals. As a husband and wife team we strive to bring the best medicine and surgery care with a family atmosphere to our vocation. We believe in God, USA, family, and career or school (in that order)!

      Dr. Justin graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. He received his B.S. in Animal Science from OSU in 1984.
 Dr. Justin focused on horses and practiced with his brother Dr. Damon (OSU ’85). From an early age their parents instilled the desire for a college education in both boys (lots of horse stall cleaning and fence post digging!). Expanding to mixed animal practice, Dr Justin owned and operated JWS DVM services from 1989-1997. Dr. Justin was an associate at OSU Large Animal Clinic in 1992-1993. Dr. Justin really likes his dog, cat, and horse work, and he loves surgery!
      Dr. Jody is also an OSU CVM graduate.  She received her Doctorate in 1993 and her Associate in Science Nursing in1981 and CCRN certification in ‘84. She worked as an RN for 13 years, before starting back to complete her dream to become a veterinarian. Jody & Justin met at OSU and Dr. Justin likes to joke that he “went to vet school twice” since they were engaged and later married when he graduated and Jody started at the college. Dr. Jody worked in a six-veterinarian practice in Tulsa and enjoyed mixed animal practice. Dr. Jody says her career combines the best of both her nursing and veterinary training.
      Our son, Wyatt, was raised in the business at Greenfield and is a YHS 2013 honor graduate. Wyatt graduated in 2017 from the University of Idaho with a B.S. double major in Agricultural Business & Economics and Animal Science. He completed a 9 month ranch management internship at Ranchlands Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado. Now he manages his own cattle business.
      We have an “open door” policy and are proud to show our clients how we care for their best friends. Being part of our community means that we support 4-H and FFA, providing hospital tours and bite prevention education for all our YES kindergarteners and home schoolers, job shadows for middle and high school students, and externships for Veterinary Students. We support the low cost spay & neuter projects and pet adoptions and arrange for free spays and neuters for shelter pets when we have 3rd & 4th year Vet Students. We offer special services for Senior people and Senior pets and our hospital is very wheel chair friendly!
      We both dedicate 40+ hours per year to continuing our education, honing our skills, and learning new ways to bring the best medicine and surgery to our patients and new services for our clients. Nevada requires 20 hours of continuing education for licensure, but we look at it as a great opportunity to bring the best veterinary care home to Greenfield!