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Val came to us all the way from California, where she has over 20 years of experience working within the animal field. She has been with Greenfield Animal Hospital for over 1 year now. One of the things that she is the best at, is calming animals while they are being held for their vaccines. She seems to really know  how to calm them down when they get upset. She fits in with everyone that works here and can always find the good in any situation.

Lupe has been with us for over 5 years, before coming to us she was a dog trainer for over 13 years. Lupe is passionate about working with animals and is always striving to better herself and her surroundings. She enjoys working at Greenfield Animals Hospital and helping our clients and most importantly for our fur friends they are why we do what we do!    

Hi my name is Lois I have been with Greenfield Animal Hospital for over 13 years. I have always wanted to work with animals. My opportunity became possible when I came to G.A.H with my pets. Dr.Jody said that i should come to work for them, because i was good with animals. I had a job at that time and said that i could not, but i thanked her for the offer. Every time i would come in after that, Dr.Jody would say that i need to come in and work for them. So, one day she asked again, and i said yes! So, Dr.Jody asked when i could start and i said tomorrow. So here I am, there is nothing more rewarding than to nurse an animal back to getting better. There will always be the sad times, but the happy times out weighs the sad. We have a good team here at Greenfield Animal Hospital, and i hope they keep me for a little while longer.

Our Team and Their Furry Families