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- Regular brushing to remove thick undercoats helps make it easier for your pet to regulate body temperature during hot weather.

- Clipping the coat short for the summer months is beneficial to both dogs and cats during warmer weather. We offer Lion clips for both dogs and cats here at Greenfield Animal Hospital.

- Tunnel clips and belly clips also help keep your pet free from feces and foreign objects such as fox tails that can accumulate in your pets hair especially during the warmer weather as outside activities increase.

- Nail Trims should be done on your pets every 4-8 weeks depending on how quickly they grow. It is important to get your pets nails trimmed to help prevent your pet from tearing a toe nail and also to help your pet walk comfortably. We offer nail trims here at Greenfield as well, Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

- Baths with shampoo should only be done once a month in general. Frequent shampooing can dry out your pet's skin and cause irritation. We recommend rinsing your pet off with water only or using a wet cloth if your pet needs to be cleaned up.

Summer Pet grooming-

- Have your pet ride inside the car rather than in the back of a pick-up or inside a camper. We recommend your pet be in a crate while traveling.

- Don't Allow the animal to run and jump in the car especially near the driver.

- Make sure there is plenty of fresh air and that the temperature is not too hot towards the back of the care where the pet will likely be

- Stop at regular intervals, generally every two to four hours, to give your dog a chance to exercise, relieve himself, and have a drink of water.

- Never leave your dog alone in the car. The temperature can quickly rise to a dangerous level, causing heat stroke, even on a cool day.

- When you stop secure the dog with a leash BEFORE you open the door. Check for signs stating where pets are allowed. Carry plastic bags to pick up any waste.

- If you plan on staying at hotels make sure to book with a pet friendly hotel. Try www.petfriendlytravel.com for information on hotels that are pet friendly.

Traveling with your pets-