Greenfield Animal Hospital Policy

 Appointment Policy

    We operate primarily by appointment to allow ample time for all patient exams and scheduled surgical procedures. We do accept Emergency appointments as time allows. Please know that a life-threatening emergency can happen at any time and will be a priority, which may cause a delay in the schedule. Please know that we sincerely strive to see each client and pet at his or her scheduled time.

 Pet Arrival & Safety Policy

  • Please have your dogs on a leash or harness or in a carrier.

  • Please have your cats secured in a carrier or on a harness.

  • We have leashes and carriers to loan. We have small pet carriers for sale.

  • Your personal safety and your pet’s safety are our priority!

 Pre-Surgical Policy

    All pets scheduled for anesthesia and/or surgery may not have food or treats after 10pm the night before or the morning of surgery. Please have water available until you bring the pet to the hospital. Surgery check in time is 8:00am – 8:30am. If your pet is taking any medication, please check with the nursing team or the doctor before giving any medication the morning of surgery.

Late or Failed Appointments

​    If you are 10 minutes late​ for your scheduled appointment, the appointment may be canceled and rescheduled and a fee may be applied. 

 Without 24 hours notice or if you no show 2 consecutive appointments, or 1 surgery appointment , any future scheduled appointments may be canceled. Emergencies are an exception, but YOU must communicate that to us. 

 Privacy Policy

    Your privacy is protected at Greenfield Animal Hospital. Our client records are not Internet accessible and our Patient records are only sent to referral Veterinarians with client permission. The Veterinarians and Team will not give out information on you or your pets without your permission. Period..

 Payment Policy

 Payment is expected when services are rendered. Because we focus on our patient’s needs, customer service, and minimizing costs, we do not bill.

We accept debit cards, credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover), personal checks with valid driver’s license, and cash. We also welcome CareCredit.


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