New Service:Self service bathing for your dogs, you bring the dog, shampoo, and towels. You can use our great tub with a walk up ramp and warm water!! Just $10! Call today for your appointment 463-0055.

Kong & Tricky Treat Ball:

  • Prevents Dogs & Cats from gobbling
  • Increases physical and mental exercise
  • Dr Jody Tested & Approved, available on


  • Dr Jody Tested!! Keeps cats off of tables and countertops.
  • Keeps dogs from counter surfing
  • Keeps dogs and/or cats out of certain areas of the house or cats out of Christmas trees.
  • Available on Amazon!

Very Cool Pet Products:

Repell Pests, ultrasonic cordless repeller:

  • Drives away pets and pests like skunks, rodents, and bats without hurting them.
  • Client tested (1-800-931-3999)

Drinkwell Platinum Water Fountain~

  •  Great for dogs and cats
  •  Easy to clean and replace filters.
  •  Encourages and increases water intake,   especially  for cats and older dogs.
  • Dr Jody tested and approved!

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