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  • NEVER USE Q-Tips ( the dogs ear canal is shaped like an L, using q-tips will only pack the debris you are trying to get out further down into the canal.)
  •  Instead saturate a cotton ball with the ear cleaning solution and slowly rub the ear flap and allow the liquid to fill the ear canal.
  • placing  your thumb and index finger on each side of the ear opening, collapse the ear canal for 30 to 60 seconds by squeezing your thumb and index finger together.
  • You should get a smacking sound which will indicate that the job is being done right. This motion creates a plunger like action which will help loosen up the wax and dirt that may be packed into your pets ear canal.
  • After you have done this, let your pet shake. We recommend doing this outside on the tailgate of a truck, or picnic bench so that you don't make a mess in your home.
  • Take a dry cotton ball after your pet has shaken and use it to clean out the ear only as far as you can reach. When your cotton ball starts coming out clean this is when you know that you are getting ahead of the grime. 

We recommend using the ear cleaner after bathes, swims, grooming and 1-2 times a week  for maintenance.

Ear cleaning and why it is important

Maintaining healthy ears is essential to your pets health.  Routine ear cleanings can be done at home with an ear cleaner we sell right here in the office. It is best to start routine cleanings at a young age, to help socialize your pet and assure them that it is ok to have someone touching their ears. This is also the perfect time to stay ahead of any medical issues that may arise later on especially in dogs with "hangy down ears".    Ear infections for pets in Nevada can happen year round. If the wind blows and the weather is warmer or  cold weather with rain and snow are present these are prime conditions for bacteria and yeast. Yeast are opportunist, and are looking for a warm moist place to call home, this typically is in your pets ears!


Ear Cleaning tips: