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Maximize a Long and Healthy Life for your Pet With these Eight Recommendations

By: Dr. Justin Smith

1. Preventive Health Maintenance 

  • Yearly physical exam and vaccinations 
  • Spay/Neuter by 4 months of age

2. Feed the best quality food that you can afford

  • Readily available in our area 
  • USA made from USA ingredients
  • Balanced for the age of your pet

3. Maintain a lean body weight

  • A lean pet lives 2 years longer than a heavy pet (that's 14 dog years!)

4. Parasite control

  • Frontline Plus - fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitos
  • Heartguard Plus - heartworms, intestinal parasites (worms)

5. Prevent dental disease

  • Train your pet to accept having their teeth brushed
  • Professional dental cleanings as recommended to prevent infection inflammation, and pain that can lead to diseases of the heart, liver, and kidneys.

6. Microchip identification

  • The best means of getting your pet home if he becomes lost or stolen

7. Exercise

  • Walk, run, and play daily

8. Obedience Training

  • An obedient pet is a pleasure to live with and makes the pet happy too


At Greenfield Animal Hospital we believe in educating our clients on all procedures, preventative health, basic pet care, and training tips. The more you know about your pet, the better equipped you will be to meet your pet's needs.

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